Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cafe 641 Pre-Season Notes #1

Looking for post-game analysis? Go talk to the Chicks in the Huddle.

Want to know about Robert Meachem's pre-game rituals? See the comments on Canal Street.

All the Chef can provide is a few pre-season observations from Cafe 641 . . . (BTW Section 635, we ain't in mid-season form yet either, but this too shall pass):

1. Nick the Cat Burgular's 2006 work on the Cafe 641 sign is still present at the top of the Upper Terrace. A nice cat-sized bite is still missing from the sign that Nick borrowed last season after a Saints loss.

2. Hulk Hogan was in good shape (pictured above left) after following a careful offseason training regimen of Jack Daniels and screaming into a paper bag. The Hulkster entered the Cafe as usual during the opening bars of the National Anthem clutching a Bloody Mary.

3. No sizable dents in the Cafe's season-ticket holder seats thus far -- 80-85% of key seatholders have returned, and there's a rumor that seats previously held by brokers have turned over to Who Dats.

4. The Smoker's Lounge is open for business behind Row 43. Chef observed a 6-year-old taking his first drag off a Camel and teared up with emotion.

5. Section 640 is extremely fertile. The off-season produced one baby girl and another girl in the oven for mid-level Upper Terrace Who Dats. Congrats 640. (BTW . . . Mark and Kristen of Cafe 641? Where y'at?)

6. Mojo enters his senior year at Slidell High with a new job at Quizno's and a powerful command of his Who Dat mystique. Any guesses on what Mojo was muttering just before T-Palk found Meachem in the corner of the endzone? (3rd and 7 . . . Palko's going to heaven)

7. Cafe Who Dats were not happy about the $1 increase in Doam Foam draft, but found some solace in the 24 oz. cans of Budweiser for $8. (Chef was happy that he stashed a 40 oz. in his mustache.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Chef,

We are still here. Dexter was born on July 10th and is keeping us close to the house for now. Our inexperienced application of his eye black has him a little upset, but hopefully we will be able to determine his natural eye color soon.

Hope to see you soon, at least for a couple of the later season games...

Mark and Kristin

Chick in the Huddle said...

thanks for the shout-out chef. i'll be looking for you on game day.
don't forget to bring those sassy/saintly shoes.
shall i bring my gumbo ladel to sample some of the chef's yummy eats?

Chef Who Dat said...


Birthing the way for a new generation of Who Dat restauranteurs! On behalf of your Dome home, Cafe 641, (which is far less exciting without you), let me offer hearty congratulations. Chef knew that Section 640 had nothing on the Cafe! Give Dexterity some dap for me.

Chef Who Dat said...

Ladles are always encouraged in Cafe 641, as are spatulas, golden spoons, and any other kitchen utensil that can be successfully smuggled into the Dome.