Thursday, August 23, 2007

Archie You Know Who

After voluntarily removing himself from Saint's pre-season television coverage, Archie Manning discovered via certified letter this morning that his weekly luncheon reservations at Cafe 641 were being canceled until September 7, 2007.

Chef reviewed the standing reservatioLinkn with kitchen staff and decided that Archie posed too great a risk of compromising Cafe 641 test recipes prior to the season opener in Indianapolis.

Eli has not yet been removed from the reservation list, as he is no threat at all.

Berto has successfully petitioned for a revision to this post's title.


Anonymous said...

No threat at all.

dillyberto said...



Ya gotta luv ya some Aauchie, bra.

He put this city on the football map.

Chef Who Dat said...

Love, yes. But he'll have to wait until Sept. 7 to regain his prime seat in the Cafe. What with all those green dots on the back of helmets, you can radio in plays from anywhere.