Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dome Draft Board

After weeks of non-stop online, radio, and ESPN draft predictions, Chef has been experiencing an empty feeling the past few days.

He can't help but think that something is missing from Mel Kiper Jr.'s shameless posturing. It's not just lil' Kiper's hair that's been keeping Chef up at night. It's the basic premise of the NFL Draft, an event that too often is seen as the most important off-season improvement a team can make.

(No disrespect, Reggie. Much love.)

All Chef's been hearing this off-season is rookies, free agents, new coaches . . . but nothing on the closed door draft that happens in the ticket office on Airline Drive to determine which area of the Superdome will most propel the Saints to victory in 2007.

Makes Chef consider wonder how Cafe 641 would draft given the opportunity to select first round Who Dats to populate its Upper Terrace confines. Would Abdul make the cut? Supa? Fleur Delicious?


saintseester said...

I feel lost. I am uneducated. I've been basking in the glory of the past. I have not been looking at the future.

Mr. Clio said...

Supa Saint is recovering from knee surgery. A risky pick.

Lee de Fleur has amazingly fresh legs for a foam rubber character pushing 41, however.

Fleur de licious is a sleeper.

Chef Who Dat said...

Chef has eyes on the 2007 and beyond -- let's be honest . . . Who Dats can't live forever.

Fresh legs or foam rubber legs? Chef thinks foam rubber is a more utilitarian pick for Cafe 641 because of its absorbency of Doam Foam spills. This Who Dat has already been drafted by a rival Upper Terrace section, but Chef wonders what sort of fleur de carrot might be dangled to tempt a one-game signing of just the foam rubber costume.

The nicotine Pope (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgGutD8Ce2A) is an easy second round pick -- quick one liners that make the symbolic link between the Vatican and the Saints.