Friday, April 20, 2007

Who Dat Door Prizes

Chef has it on good faith that a New Orleans neighborhood recovery event this weekend will give out free door prizes that may include significant Who Dat memorabilia.

The website video promoting this tour of Lakeview rebuilding is a little freaky -- but if you can get past all the sinister Leave it to Beaver images, then consider moving to this part of town. At least that seems to be the point of the "No Place Like Home Tour." As incentives, each registration location is supposed to have plastic eggs to give to visitors. Chef heard from one source that the eggs are free and some sizable donations have been made.

Oh yeah, and this is the hood Chef and Co. recently returned to. Chef offered a bronzed mustache and spoon from the 2006 Saints season as door prize donations, but was politely rejected. Autographed tubes of eye black and playoff menus were also turned down by the neighborhood organization.


saintseester said...

Saintseester, Saintseester's seester, and the little seester offspring will be at the dome on nov. 4th. While we realize we break the protocol of being in cafe 641 we are hoping you can waive the restrictions and allow us visas to visit from section 637 in order to maybe perhaps obtain a golden spoon.

We feel that it is important to begin indoctrinating the offspring in the proper manner.

Chef Who Dat said...

Seesters . . . visas are easy to come by. Spoons are not. And yet, Chef has always found it difficult to deny the youth their birth rites.

Hell, after the Philly playoff game, Chef gave away a custom spray painted rubber chicken Eagle to a woman from Mississippi who claimed she drove too far to this game to leave it empty-handed.

This ought be discussed over drinks at training camp.

Currently, the 2007 Golden Spoon Design is being brainstormed.