Friday, April 06, 2007

Mutant Fleur De Lis Enters Classic

After being rescued off a St. Charles Avenue neutral ground in early spring 2006, this mutant Fleur De Lis was dropped off at the starting line of the Crescent City Classic. He was pictured in the Lagniappe section of today's Times Picayune, running full stride in an archived photo from last year’s race.

Rumors from Saints strength and conditioning program suggest that Coach is trying to talk Ms. Benson LeBlanc into a community-wide training regimen that asks fans to use fleur de lis body weights in their daily workout routines.

Chef is still trying to verify these rumors and will attend the Crescent City Classic post-party to clock the finish time of the large-scale Fleur De Lis shown above. If a time of less than 60 minutes is recorded, Chef pledges the use of 10kg fleur de lis wrist weights in the making of all off-season sauces, purees, and soups.


Michelle said...

Training here for Festivale International. We never miss it, and it's become our anniversary celebration (we got married on a Saturday afternoon and went to the festival after the reception). We usually hit the kids' tent for a while too. Give us a holler if you know when you'll be around.

Oh, and Imagination Movers will be there on Saturday, but not at the children's stage, if your crew is into them.

Mr. Clio said...

I am a total loser.

On Good Friday, I waited until 3 p.m. (when Jesus died), then proceeded to consume so many crawfish and so much beer that I didn't arise until 8:27 a.m., three minutes prior to the start of the Crescent City Classic.

I did not run, Chef. I deserve to be fined by you and Coach Payton.