Monday, September 17, 2007

Who Called Uncle Tom?!

Time to 'fess up Who Dats. Which one of you picked up the phone 50,000 times and asked Uncle Tom to orchestrate a Friday pep rally?

Maybe Chef has lived with C. Ray as his mayor for too long, but this event, complete with concessions, a band, and appearances by select Saintsations (lucky you, Clio IV), sounds like it was planned like in February.

Still, Chef will be there -- mostly because it just slightly beats the hell out of watching YouTube videos to get ready for MNF -- and this season, if nothing else, needs an up to go with two downs.


Michelle said...


It's just YouTube videos for me.

Chef Who Dat said...

No worries Lafayette. Chef will attempt to shoot an inspiring 30-second clip of Tom Benson with his umbrella. Failing that, he'll get a close-up shot of Olindo's landing-strip, pre-tweezer sabotage. In either case, documentary film will be posted. We gonna right the ship.

Anonymous said...

Feck. Arse. I'll be in Chicago with all the happiness. And who lets Tom talk? Can't Rita stifle his ass?