Sunday, September 02, 2007

Are You Ready?

The Saints site (multimedia tab) asked Chef if he was ready.

And to be honest, maybe Chef wasn't. So he spent a minute of his life viewing their edited down version of a program that aired on Cox Sports TV earlier this week.

And then another minute with Supa Saint.

And 1:05 with Deuce.

Okay, make that 30 more seconds with Deuce.

Yeah, now he's ready. (and ready to buy a new car)


JWD said...

Hey Chef, you know you're gonna catch
that kick-a** concert before the game
and that Pink NBC Sunday Night Football Video

saintseester said...

I'm ready. I went to south mississippi to visit this weekend. We watched the tigers win. When I sat down to the table, there was a pepper shaker containing cayenne.