Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toasted Titan? Cafe Requests Menu Items

Hey, Cafe 641! Seems that one of our family members has been holding out on us. Mark C. from Cafe 641, Row 43 was caught earlier this week with damning evidence that he cooks and cooks well.

Chef lifted these pictures from his home kitchen picture gallery, and now wonders how many other Cafe 641 Who Dats are keeping their recipes to themselves.

If Mark C. of Row 43 can generate a hand-tossed pizza that rivals the Cafe classic Jeremy Shit-shockey Mushroom pie from 2006, a Tennessee Fruit Tarte, and an entire oven of fried chicken, how many other recipes have we missed out on?

Not the time for stinginess, Who Dats. No excuses for mourning after Monday morning. Back to practice. Tennesse won't cook itself.

Post menu suggestions now. Post often.

(by the way, Mark C. Consider yourself forgiven after allowing a one-time photo post of Dexter Who Dat's touchdown pose AND his dramatic reaction to Olindo Mare's field goal miss)


saintseester said...

How about savory grilled "Young" tenderloins?

You know what? The Titans roster has no fun names.

And they stole my blog from me.

Chef Who Dat said...

True, the Titans roster poses something of a challenge, what with Pacman Jones gone already. But the Seester is in strong form by suggesting that VY has tender loins.

saintseester said...

I am still imprisoned, but I am going to break out and go to nashville on friday.

My daughter's soccer team has a tournament. I think I can use them to sabotage the Titans. We'll stuff their soccer balls with live crawfish, then go ask the titans wouldn't they please autograph these sweet little girls soccer balls.Then when they are distracted by the crawfish, the girls will jump them.

Michelle said...

I'm with saintseester. I'm having a mental block with all those boring Titan names.

Would I be redundant if I said Fujita-ritas again???

Anonymous said...

Thumbtack flambe.

Kerry "Tom" Collins drinks for everybody who had to endure him being a pathetic drunk QB in NOLA, while sobering up in NY and taking the Giants to the Super Bowl.

Eric Moulds bleu cheese dressing, because, as George Carlin says, there's no blue food -- only white cheese with blue mold.

Korean-style Benji Olson. You can't eat Benji in every country, but in Korea, you can have Benji, Lassie, and Rin Tin Tin.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad Kristin stopped me from publishing my "sausage fest 2006" photos after i got my meat grinder.

sadly, we can't make it monday, but hope to make it to a few games this season. say hi to my friend bob, who should be in the seats.

i'll try to do better with the recipe generation. too many Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares have me second guessing myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the no fun names, but lets stretch it a little.

Scaife seared scallops topped with "Pacman" Jones Jus. What? mmkkk.... 86 Jones Jus, replace with Tobasco marinated titan tar-tar.

Chick in the Huddle said...

Is it too obvious to request Fried (Jeff) Fisher with a side of (Tony) Brown Rice?

Mr. Clio said...

Mancuts are SET! See my blog.