Monday, September 03, 2007

Chef Benched in Second Round

From the multimedia artist that brought us "A Saints Story," "A Fan's Guide to Training Camp," and "Dat Quiz" . . . comes the Who Dat version of Asteroids: Starship Saints.

Chef's considerably weak gaming skills caught the eye of P-Diddy in Round 2: "I'm benching you Rookie! Return to New Orleans Spaceport immediately."


Michelle said...

Oh, great. Now I can officially scrap this day. No work. I'm in training.

Thanks for the link!

Chef Who Dat said...

Good. Now somebody help a chef out and tell him how to avoid getting benched before clearing 350 points.

Chick in the Huddle said...

Just what the Chicks needed...a new way to look busy and intense during their 9-5. Thanks Chef!

Anonymous said...

Hint ... dont use you forward thrusters (Up arrow key) at all. And fire like a lunatic. But you will eventually get "benched" no matter what.

the creator ;)