Saturday, August 09, 2008

Houston . . . We're Ready for Take Off

While Gary Kubiak gets his hair ready for the Texans' preseason opener against the Denver Broncos, Who Dats are back at work today. Back at work trying to steal Joe's number. Back at work fixing the mistakes. Back at work cleaning off the grill.

It's only a preseason game on August 16 (preseason? preaseason? we talking 'bout preseason? it's preseason, man. preseason.), but it's still Houston. And Houston is sort of like a post-Katrina version of Atlanta. They both suck.

And with that, the preseason menu board is open. Andre Johnson's groin strain? On the menu. Gary Kubiak's quarterback stable? On the menu.

Who and what else, Who Dats?

Remember, we're only talking 'bout preseason. No need to tip our play calls too early. But if you've taken a few days off after Thursday night in Arizona, it's back to work. Chef's already cleaning off the Pesto Pierre that wasn't as good on the grilled preseason burger as he imagined it would be.

* Illustration by Michael Schulz (thanks always to The Cocktail Chef for reminding me of the fragile psyche of the trademarked)


t-dex said...

Urban Sprawl Muffaletta with Ephraim Salaami and Chester Pitts Olive Salad. The further you get to the edges of the sandwich, the crappier it tastes.

t-dex said...

Hey Chef, How do I get to the old menus? Need to make sure I'm not ripping off anything from previous seasons.

dillyberto said...

I thank you for your kind words.

Brian was actually an employee of the NFL working with Our New Orleans Saints.

It was truly Our Loss.