Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Good Things . . .

. . . must come to an end."

And so it was that Our New Orleans Saints closed camp on Monday, moving from Jackson to Metairie.

"But there's a silver lining in every cloud."
(CUE your choice of Mike Brady, Danny Tanner, or Peter Griffin for an inspiring lesson about overcoming the dramas of everyday life.)

Speaking of silver linings, Chef is looking for a tiny morsel of goodness amidst the devastating realization that Friday, August 15 is the last day of legalized cockfighting in this great state of Louisiana.

Cockfighting is a sport close to Chef's heart, and one that he wholeheartedly promotes as a classy, all-American family activity. But seeing as how Louisiana legs. like Art Lentini, R-Kenner, have their PETA panties all wadded, I'll be a law-abiding citizen and cease/desist.

Still, there's always that silver lining.

So here it is, Cafe 641 and Who Dat Nation, your black and gold and silver lining, the newest addition to our Upper Terrace fan base, just rescued from the Atchafalaya Game Club in Cecilia, Louisiana. His contract includes tickets to four home games with performance bonuses based on attacks on Dirty Birds.

Two-Piece McAllister


Mr. Clio said...

Yeah, I blew it this year. I just couldn't get my sh** together.

Kinda like Vaughn Dunbar. Or Antonio Pittman. Or Russell Erxleben. Or Mike Ditka.

Chef Who Dat said...

Wow! Mike Ditka? That seems a little harsh on the self-flagellation. I'd say your other training activities (e.g. "steps have been taken") more than make up for missing Jackson.

If you have any Houston phenom left, let me have it in time for Saturday's menu.