Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks Houston.

It is upon us. In a watered-down pre-season form, yes, but it is upon us.

Tonight we offer our deepest tongue-in-cheek gratitude to Texas governor Rick Perry (go to Oct. 18, Sports), the city of Houston, and Barbara Bush.

Tonight we salute the commute, the smog, and the overpopulation.

Tonight we ask Deuce to show us his bionic knees.

Tonight's Cafe 641 contributors:
T-Dex w/ the muffaletta, the Entity (aka Mrs. Chef) with the pulled pork, and Mother Hen with the sirloin and greens. The Gambit Weekly's sports blogger Alejandro de los Rios inadvertently inspired some pancakes. Chef K-Paul contributed a special not appearing on tonight's menu: The Texas Sirloin Tip ("never pass on Bush").

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Alejandro de los Rios said...

God I love pancakes