Monday, April 14, 2008

Deuce Upside Your Own Damn Head

S.O.I. (that's Upper Terrace talk for Suck On It) all you Deuce doubters. Look left. Know where that photo comes from? The New York Times. That means while we were losing our heads on January 13, 2007, the rest of the world saw Deuce lose his.

And now he's back this season. With two new knees. And a ring.

Chef was gonna go and do something crazy like join Elmwood Fitness if Benson didn't find some 2008 salary for Deuce. But now, it's all copacetic. Back to the Budweiser ellipticals. 276 hours til Draft Day.

1 comment:

saintseester said...

Oh Thank GOD! Thank the sweet Lord! We are counting down the hours wiff you, Chef.