Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks NFL. Now Bite Me.

So imagine you're the NFL. And you really care about the city of New Orleans. How do you show your love?

You create a national stage for the re-opening of the Sacredome in 2006. Thank you.

Then you rob the fans of a home game by packing the Black & Gold overseas to London for a home game at the WembleyDome. S.O.I.

And then you feel a little bad about Upper Terrace Who Dats without the means to jump the pond. So you throw the Who Dats a bone.

A home opener with the Dead Parrot Poboys. Yeah?

A Monday evening visit from the norsemen. Yeah? And?

A Monday cheese dinner. Tasty.

A prime time Thursday night stage at Soldier Field to handle unfinished business. Awright now.

And a season-closing payback home game against the kittens. Word.


saintseester said...

Well, great that there are 2 monday night games, but they eliminate my kids. They can't miss 2 school days for football. (Heathens up here -- something about unexcused absenses..) We also may be in the other happiest place on earth on the october weekend.

So of the remaining Sundays I can pick one of the september games or one of the december games. I am leaning toward that home opener.

Chef Who Dat said...

Home opener. Definitely.

But the Green Bay game in November? How is that not worth two school days? Heathens or not. We're now talking about the critical formation of a human's soul -- the Cafe can issue excuses, if needed.

Chick in the Huddle said...

the picture of that toilet will haunt me forevermore.

i had mixed feelings about the schedule. if it were a recipe, its ingredients would be a teaspoon of "eh" with a dash of "i guess"...oh, and a side of "i hate the bears."