Friday, November 30, 2007

Dead Parrot Personnel Groupings

It's no secret that P-Diddy loves him some "scheme preparations" and "personnel groupings" and even "the formations."

Here's the Coach about every week when discussing the Saint's next opponent:

"I think you have to prepare for the scheme and for the offense, knowing that in either case they’re going to get into some personnel groupings and they’re going to do a good job with the formations."

In honor of the coaching staff's preparation for the Bucs game, the Cafe opens its casting call for Sunday's "The Buc Stops Here" menu. Got any Dead Parrot Personnel Groupings you'd like to suggest?


saintseester said...

I think we need a freakin' luau, on a beach with burning palm trees and rum. Oh wait, that's Johnny depp.

Ashley said...

Blood sausage. Made with the blood from Garcia's ears, while he's trying to hear his own damned snap count.

Crush them. Crush their dreams, their hopes, their spirit, their testicles.

Get bleeping loud.

B&B's Kooky Kajun Kitchen said...

Dear Chef:

B&B's Kajun Kitchen with a few last minute entries to the menu today:

Wine for the day -- Ernest & Julio Galloway

Dessert -- Saint-smothered Ernest "chocolate covered" Grahams with a scoop of Cherry Garcia ice cream for good measure