Wednesday, November 28, 2007

P-Diddy's Plea for Noise. Series Two.

Because Coach threw us some strong-ass Junkyard Dog Black & Gold beads at the Orpheus Parade last year, Chef feels obliged to repeat P-Diddy's instructions a second time:
"I think our fan base understands the importance of this game and the importance of this game for the New Orleans Saints. What I’m hopeful of is a playoff environment, and one that can give us an edge."

Yo. P to the Diddy. You mean like the environs pictured above? You want costumes? Props? Tailgates? The Works? You want it NOISE-AY?

Fine then. Chef will announce his contribution right now: A Bucs-inspired faux-poboy stuffed with parrot and pirate's hook. And it will be hot-glued onto his shoulder so those storm troopers at Gate D won't confiscate the french bread again.


saintseester said...

If you came to my door with french bread, I'd confiscate it, too.

Chick in the Huddle said...

The chicks are bringing da noise and da pain...courtesy of a lil too much captain morgan, which we'll drink in honor of the Bucs matchup!

Chef Who Dat said...

nolachick: Got a little Captain in you, do ya? Well, awrighty then. Let's get the Rum Reggie Rum rollin'!

seester: true dat. but you wouldn't throw it in a trash can, would you?

saintseester said...

Oh Hells NO. I'd put shrimp in it.