Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Notes from the Adoration Chapel

Chef just returned from a 72-hour vigil at the local adoration chapel* and found the following in the back pocket of his chef pants. Apparently, it was left over from Sunday's Cafe 641 meeting with Mother Brid and her Bridgette**, who stopped by to say hello during the Ramsacking. Chef feels better now. Needs a beer. But feels better. 11-5. The dream is alive.

New Orleans Saints Rosary

Our Coach
Our Coach, who art on the sidelines, hallowed be Thy plays.
Thy special teams come, Thy will be done, in Dome as in the Bowl.
Give us this day our weekly win and forgive us our dropped passes as we forgive those who intercept against us.
And lead us not into overtime, but deliver us from the Texans.
Who Dat!

Hail Rita
Hail Rita, full of faith, the Coach is with Thee.
Blessed art thou among owners and blessed is the soul of thy team, the New Orleans Saints.
Holy Rita, Mother of Saints, pray for us fans now and at the hour of our kickoff.
Who Dat!

Glory Be
Glory be to the Coach, and the Quarterback, and the Running Back.
As it was in 2006, is now and ever shall be.
Wins without end.
Who Dat!

*Seriously. Chef lives next door to a re-modeled convent. And a 24-hour adoration chapel.
** The Krewe of Brid will debut this Carnival season as a marching organization on Harrison Ave. on the eve of January 11th, 2008. Much love, Mother Brid-ers.


JWD said...

Nothin' wrong with some bandwagon chants, but enough with the win countdown.

JWD said...

By the way, don't forgive anybody!!!!! MELT THEIR FACES!!!!
Blow people out. Become aware of the fact that there is Offense AND Defense in the game of football and of the fact that you're not playing Destrehan in the 5A State playoffs.

You're in New Orleans, but you're STILL in the National Football League. That tiny strip of land connecting this marsh pit to the rest of US says so!