Thursday, November 29, 2007

P-Diddy's Plea for Noise. Series Three.

Now Chef recognizes this ain't loud. So for that, Coach, Chef apologizes. But, this 13-second clip o' Cafe 641 goodness reminds Chef of a simpler, NOISE-AYer time.

January 13, 2007 to be exact.

And a night later, for all you fans who like their Special Sauce with a little G. Love (a Philly native and diehard Eagles fan), there was this at the House of Blues:

P-Diddy, what does all this mean for the Dome on Sunday, Dec. 2?
"The opportunity for our fans to be louder than they have been to date, or since I've been here, regardless of last year's season." NOISE-AY.

Oh yeah. And the menu lines are open. Jeff Garcia was the first to call. Says it's not nice to call him gimpy cuz he's 37 years old. Any other suggestions, Who Dats?


mark c. said...

since we won't be at the game, feel free to ignore.

Jake Plummer Pudding
Just like Tradition Plum Pudding, this one has no Plummer in it either

saintseester said...

Screaming Seester Souffle - god I wish I could be der. Ingredients: at least two seesters, appropriately ripe.

Let soak in a glass or two of good wine. Throw in a couple shrimp poboys for good measure.

Put in dome, wedged between plenty of warm bodies. Shake and bake.

Here's a link to what it sounds like when done up correctly: