Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Have the Power

Take a moment today, Who Dats.

Take a single moment from your busy pre-season lives and search yourself. Look inside for the creativity that lies within. Dig deep. Find that ounce of forward-thinking that will propel you past tonight's minor scrap with the cheetos.

Ask yourself what you might do for your section come September 7. Ask yourself how you might transform from Who Dat to WHO DAT. Ask yourself how much more you have to give. Ask yourself whether the cornerback position is really all that important anyway. Ask yourself how much eye black it takes to reflect 1,000,000 watts of greatness off the Sacredome turf. Ask your liver to forgive you.

Our own Charcutier has done this very thing. He has fashioned the super and the hero from ordinary Black and Gold. He has found his way through the mystifying maze of pre-season questions and come out better for it.

Charcutier's recent actions speak for all of Cafe 641: In 3-seconds flat, he whittled a Who Dat cape from a team towel and spare Fleur de Stache buttons. He now has the Power to Save the Who Dat Nation.


saintseester said...

W00t! A shutout. Yeah, tell me how meaningless it is blah blah blah. Still a shut out. 3 fumbles = not good, though. Wish I could have seen some of it.

Mr. Clio said...

As Berto points out all the time, the best black and gold attire is homemade.

When Berto and I were in Indy, in our fine Golden Jumpsuits, we were treated to screaming Midwesterners on these sorts of tirades: "HEY, WHAT HAPPENED? DID KATRINA FLOOD ALL THE LICENSED GEAR STORES? YOU HAD TO MAKE YOUR OWN???"

Intelligent, classy fans, those Colts people.

If I have to explain it . . ..