Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Garden State Sweep

Talk of sweeping the state of New York on Sunday is a little misguided. Now, punishing the pride of East Rutherford, New Jersey twice in a month? That's doin' work.
Speaking of work, the Cafe 641 kitchen opened this morning for its game-week preparations . . .

A new golden kitchen utensil accompanied by synchronized dance-like motions?

A replacement whisk for the Cafe cougar?

Unsanitary cooking: the Porn Chef borrows the whisk.

Tom's Turn & Cough-lin Fingerling Potatoes?

The bye week has served us well. Livers are poised. St. Archie's spoiled loin fruit jokes loaded.

AND . . . the menu suggestion board is open:


saintseester said...

Plantar Fasciitis and jelly sammiches

Shaun O'Hara's "as God as My witness" Rouse sauce over rice

Michael Homan said...

Big House Plaxico's Tossed Salad.

Plantar Fascia with Eli Sauced