Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"My Future Is Bigger Than My Past . . ."

. . . said Steve Gleason today on announcing his retirement from the New Orleans Saints and the NFL.

The Cafe cannot begin to contain the emotion that Gleason's Locks of Love generate in the common Who Dat.

Enter now, Stevie G. tribute. Some of the finest are found here:

. . . and here (with special guest comment at the end of post)

. . . and especially here:

If you need to see that in slow motion . . .

If you need to here it from his own mouth . . .

Or if you want a mother's perspective, then here

Or a city's perspective, then here

Or finally, from a Panther's perspective . . .

Steve waited until just two days before the annual St. Baldrick's event at Parasol's to announce his retirement, which speaks volumes of his character (and hair quality).

The Times-Picayune's Jeff Duncan reports:
"Gleason is scheduled to marry New Orleans native Michelle Varisco on May 16 in New Orleans. The couple then plans to travel the world for six months before returning to New Orleans to decide their futures. Regardless of where they eventually settle, he said the couple plans to keep a home in New Orleans."

Steve tells us . . .
“Mostly, I am thankful to the people here for embracing me as a player and as a person. The city has been so good to me. I’m marrying a New Orleans girl, and we plan on being part of this beautiful community forever."

No cheap tribute to you, 37. Chef can think of only one thing. A bicycle tour of our city. From the Lake to the Channel. Monday, March 17. Direct shot to Parasol's wearing black & gold and a recycled football helmet tattooed with a shamrock.

Raise a pint to Gleason.


dillyberto said...

Have a great trip chef

dillyberto said...

Happy St. Joseph's Day, Pappa Chef

Anonymous said...

I love Gleason. As a fellow vegetarian (although I've heard he at least indulges in crawfish), I like his thinking and his play--balls out. We'll miss him but hope to keep him as a neighbor, and maybe an eventual special teams coach?