Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Stevie G continues to prove that he's a real fine human being.

But, Paris Parker Salon, huh? Really? Aidan Gill was booked already? What about Golden Shears? They'll give you a fine-looking Hot Wheels car after your cut.

Chef thinks that maybe Gleason was roaming around the Upper Terrace sometime during last week's pre-season game against Miami. That would explain the sudden Locks of Love donation, which Cafe 641 kingpin Jon made himself by giving up his trademark pony tail. By all estimates, Jon's bass-playing skills are solid, but not nearly as impressive as his ability to whip that pony into a violent frenzy while leading the Cafe in "Deuce Upside Your Head" chants last season. May that pony rest in peace on the head of a deserving child.


Michelle said...

Wow! I would never have recognized that face. I'd heard he was going to donate "the tail" but hadn't seen him post-cutting.

Ha! I just checked the misspelled link and apparently they pulled the plug on it. It would appear it really isn't "Dontes" after all. (P.S. - no more making fun of writers with typos . . . but then again, my typo-infested ramblings get spell-checked before they go anywhere, except my blogs that is)


bigshot said...

Chef Who Dat, did you leave the treats and gumbo on the Brees' front porch after the NFC Championship loss? http://www.americanwaymag.com/tabid/2855/tabidext/3273/default.aspx