Saturday, September 22, 2007

Charles Grant Drops Bomb

Every morning, Chef takes his three offspring to school. And every morning, the vintage carpool suburban gets rocking when Baby Boy da Prince says, "Charles Grant, he a monster how he bust through that line!"

Which reminds Chef of yesterday and Uncle Tom's spontaneous fan rally. C. Grant made Chef's highlight list. So did the Cajun Cannon. And Captain Insano, seen here. Rita was strong yesterday. Uncle Tom made his ass wiggle a little bit.

This was just an all-around strong rally. Chef agrees with this morning's T-P's sports page headline: Uplifting Experience.

1. Chef missed the opening of the rally because aforementioned offspring wouldn't cut class an hour early. He arrived just after a standout moment, which was retold in accurate detail by a long-time season ticket holder. Seriously. This is all exactly as it happened:
Charles Grant takes the stage. In his expected understated manner, C. Grant asks the crowd to please get loud and show some excitement, etc. before ending with: "We gonna tear the muthaf**** up on Monday night!" Hollis Thomas follows C. Grant onstage. He smiles. And says, "Uh, yeah. What Charles said." Defensive co-captain Scott Fujita follows Hollis. He look around at the crowd, shifts uncomfortably at the sight of so many families with young children, and says, "Uh, we're sorry about what Charles said. He gets a little excited sometimes."

2. Bobby Hebert was not shy.
Aside from this dance moment, his best line: "Hey Who Dat Nation! I'm seeing all this energy ya'll showing me. And if ya'll bring that to the Dome Monday night, there ain't no way we ain't gonna beat dem Titans!"

3. Just offstage, Rita, Uncle Tom and trophy wife swayed gently to Rockin Dopsie. Until Dopsie called Uncle Tom onstage. And then it was on. Tom pulled hard on his suspenders, bent over backwards and showed Chef and several thousand Who Dats what he's workin' with. (Rita wore business casual gold pants, one of those black fleur-de-lis, torn down to cleavage, t-shirts, and a light-colored blazer, if you were wondering.)

4. Pierre Thomas is still a nice guy who appreciates where he's at. He was the last Saint onstage and told the crowd, "I've only been here for 3 or 4 months, but I love New Orleans. I want to thank all of you for giving me so much support when I was trying to make this team. It helped me a lot." Pierre had as many people looking to shake his hand and congratulate him as he did autograph seekers. Great smile.


Michelle said...

Looks like a good time. Sorry I missed it.

But Good Lawd! I haven't seen Bobby Hebert in ages. I would never have recognized him.

Chick in the Huddle said...

was that bobby hebert or a young bob breck?

JWD said...

Chef we're in sync right now!!!!!!!!!!!