Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Orleans is Secure

. . . or so says Dan Swenson of the Times-Picayune in his week three version of Starship Saints. Swenson is back on the happy juice, which suits Chef just fine. Instead of getting benched after being exploded by a Flaming Thumbtack, Chef was told in a very reassuring tone, "New Orleans is secure."

Swenson's week three effort is all around strong: revised music track; familiar battleground with an aerial shot of New Orleans; retro shout outs to the Titans' forgettable Houston roots, and the rare opportunity to blow up threatening hurricanes that have formed over the Gulf at the same time you destroy a barrage of paper-bagged 'Aints.

Plus, Chef's steady trigger finger finally climbed higher than round 2.

All of this and a pep rally on Friday? Uncle Tom, Rita-licious, P-Diddy . . . make it stop. Chef's gonna pee his pants.

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JWD said...

Nothin' wrong with old Saints Merch Chef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!