Friday, September 14, 2007

Garcia over Grits

A friendly Who Dat reminder to stock your kitchen now for a Sunday morning feast on Gimpy Garcia Grillades and Grits.


mark c said...

Dexter's first meal was grits and grillades. He's been workin hard in his wing of the Cafe 641 test kitchen. He's still trying to work breast milk into everything, but he'll learn. Recipes to come.

He has also been practicing his Marques Colston TD cheer. Here's a preview.

mark c. said...

in case that last link didn't work

saintseester said...

Aw. The grillades were undercooked, I think.

Hey, off topic. Seesters are trying to bring some seester-luck with them on monday. We have no idea where our seats are for this game so talking with clio about trying to meet up outside. We have coins - our own currency. They buy the most amazing of things. Like, mebbe, a win.

If not we'll catch you in november as we will be not far - i know our seats are in 637 or 639 or something.

Chef Who Dat said...

Mark C -- Dexter is in fine form. Wish Chef could say the same about our Black and Gold.

You mind if Chef uses images #93 and #94 to express the euphoria/angst dialectic that Who Dats are feeling these days? Dexter is money with the facial/body expressions.

Any chance the Cafe will be graced by your presence Monday night?

Mr. Clio said...


Check my blog for a Mancuts update. Lemme know.