Monday, February 12, 2007

A Proper Who Dat Parade

Another brief interruption from Chef's lingering Cafe 641 Profiles to announce a request for a reunion of sorts.

Cafe 641 Who Dats! Upper Terrace Who Dats! Any Who Dats within screaming distance!

Chef is looking to host a Who Dat Mardi Gras reunion to say thank you to our coach.

Saturday night, Endymion will have an entire float devoted to Saints players. Sunday night, Drew Brees will toss beads while a Bacchus paige supports his left elbow. Chef recommends Who Dat attendance at both these parades.

But Chef is saving up his own mojo for Monday night and Coach Payton.

As Coach Payton will be riding as Orpheus royalty on Monday night (Feb. 19), Chef (and probably every other Saints fan) thinks it proper to say thank you with deafening Who Dat cheers, standard black and gold Superdome attire, and hundreds of signs.

Chef will be holding it down on Monday, February 19th at the lake-side corner of Constantinople and St. Charles in Uptown New Orleans.

He's looking for other Cafe 641 diners and Dome rats at large to invade the streets with. Chef's groin has fully healed through a constant regimen of Payton's Playoff Punch (New Orleans Rum Reggie Rum w/ Deuce Juice). He'll be ready to roll.

Chef will bring menus, wooden spoons, eye black, and freshly groomed facial hair. You bring the love.

Leave e-mail for more info.


saintseester said...

I can feel the frenetic energy from here. Wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's up Ross. I mean Chef. We had a lot of fun hanging out with you and Jenny and the kids at Mardi Gras. Thanks for letting us stay over and hang out at your place. I have some cool pics of everone so I am going to risk putting my e-mail up so you can send me yours and i can then send you the pictures. Here you go


Mr. Clio said...

Okay, now that Joe Horn is gone, how will groin dishes fit on the menu?

Chef Who Dat said...

Chef is still in recovery from Payton-induced Lundi Gras shock and subsequent Joe Horn departure.

While he has been able to stomach basic chicken broth and saltine crackers, he may relocate his test kitchen in order to properly assess his Who Dat culinary future.