Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cafe 641 Profile #5: Proud Mary

***NOTE: Fifth in a series of bare-all, expose profiles that allows Chef to e-hibernate this off season with a clear conscience.

Chef has already documented the inspirational Upper Terrace actions of one Proud Mary. But it's not just her demand for 4 Quarters of noise from Cafe 641 patrons that make her a great Who Dat. There's so much more to Proud Mary's game . . .

* Sometime during the first quarter of Miracle Monday, Proud Mary reveals, with very little prodding, that she is one of the greatest Who Dat mothers of all time. She has bestowed upon her son, Benson LeBlanc, one of the greatest gifts of all: season tickets in Cafe 641.

* Early in the season, possibly the Philly victory, Proud Mary grabs Chef by his shoulders, spins him around, and demands, "Chef. Give me some damn eye black. We gonna win this game." The subtle Who Dat gesture shames the grown men one row down who had just refused Chef's eye black invitation.

* Proud Mary carves another notch into her greatest Who Dat mother of all time belt: at least once a game, she returns from a restroom break with two Coors Lights. One for her dear son, Benson LeBlanc, and the other for herself.

* Already vying for top position as Cafe 641's Who Dat fashionista, Proud Mary brings out an impressive display of old school for a midseason game -- vintage Saints sweater, squeaky clean black Keds with gold laces, and helmet earrings.

* On the way out of the Dome after the Saints went limp against the Redskins, but still backed into the playoffs, Proud Mary reminded Chef that it was his 9th wedding anniversary. Stopping Chef and the Mrs. on the Upper Terrace ramps, Proud Mary uttered some inspiring advice: "9 years is a good number. I'm at 28 myself. Just remember, you always have the boys in black and gold."

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