Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Smoked Groin Jerky? Playoff Punch? Chef Hires New Cafe Staff

Final preparations for the Blessed Who Dat Playoff Feast week included the hiring of two new staff members in Cafe 641.

What moves a place from greasy spoon diner to Cafe status, you ask? Chef thinks its the hiring of a premier mixologist, Cocktail Chef Diva Vidrine, and a smoked, rubbed, and cured meat specialist, Carter Charcutier (pictured left).

After its frontpage advertisement in the Times-Picayune this week, Cafe 641 immediately used the uptick in sales to hire the new kitchen staff, who join Chef Who Dat and the Sous Chef.

Cocktail Chef Diva Vidrine promises a spiked Payton Playoff Punch (made exclusively with Reggie Rum, New Orleans Rum, and Deuce Juice) for Saturday's feast. Carter Charcutier is working on a Smoked Groin Jerky taken from discarded muscle salvaged from Joe Horn.

Our noble Charcutier learned that Horn (a.k.a. "Captain Eye Black") spoke with Coach behind closed doors today:

"Look Payton. Here's my damn groin muscle. I've ripped it off my bone. You do what you want with it, but I'm gonna be in that number on Saturday."

Carter Charcutier was so inspired that he's spent all afternoon curing, rubbing, and smoking Horn's groin into a commemorative jerky. Look for it on Saturday as a lil' lagniappe from Chef.

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Michelle said...

Mmmm . . . yummy jerky. I still think he's already wrapped up the award for best quote of the year.