Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cafe 641 Profile #3: Mojo

*** NOTE: Third in a series of Cafe 641 bare-all, expose profiles that allows Chef to e-hibernate this off season with a clear conscience.

Put simply, Mojo's mojo was infectious all season long. This Northshore Who Dat worked every bit of magic to deliver Saints' first downs, third down stops, and game-winning punt returns.

At the top of the list . . .
* Mojo is heard repeating a phrase that rubs off on other Cafe 641 Who Dats during the Monday night game . . . 3rd and 10, let's do it again . . . 3rd and 10, let's do it again . . . After that yields consecutive first downs, Mojo offers up a "2nd and seven, take us to heaven," and the Monday night magic just picks up more steam.

* Mojo begins a careful color-match uniform process that anticipates the Saints home uniforms and matches his shirt, pants, and eye black appropriately. After select victories, Mojo reminds the Cafe of his ability to color-match the Saints to success.

* After receiving his very own laminated Mojo Play-calling list from Chef, Mojo tugs his cap over his eyes, covers his mouth with the Mojo list and starts barking plays at Drew Brees. Any attempt to ask Mojo questions during offensive series becomes futile. Mojo is locked in.

* Mojo shows off his Southern hospitality, giving Chef a commemorative Cafe 641 Best Of . . . Menu that highlights some of the finest mojo/menu moments.

*Mojo wills the Saints 3rd and goal stop of the Eagles by grasping, kissing, and twisting his mojo-fied Saints medallion bead. Scott Fujita feels the force from Row 41 of the Upper Terrace and drives Westbrook out of bounds to end the touchdown threat.


dillyberto said...

This is the kind of imaginative blogging that will help all of us get through the off season.

Thanks Chef

dillyberto said...

Oh, Chef.

This Sunday from 2 to 5 the Jefferson City Buzzards will be marching through Uptown Sunday starting near Domilise's and heading to Napoleon to Magazine to Henry Clay back to Tchoup.

Chef Who Dat said...

Word. Chef demanded his minions to wear Saints gear all day Sunday, and we may appear that way at Laurence Square Park to salute the Buzzards. Thanks for the heads up.