Friday, August 12, 2011

Pre-season is for Pretenders

It's worth saying twice: pre-season is for pretenders, on account of contenders already be flashing mid-season form.

Plaza dwellers might make an extra trip to the video-splayed toilet environs at tonight's Sacredome Extreme Makeover party, but up in the Terrace Towers, we'll be kicking back with Dirty Denim's Jim Beam flask, incognito style. No stache til da Bears. But that don't mean we ain't already in mid-season form ...

Enter the following in the "Bistro 649 Bout to Blow Up" evidence pool:

Exhibit A:
Ms. Shootz to Kill & Adult Industry Chef & family
(a summer pre-K project that reps. the almighty Stache)

Exhibit B
Droopy Dog
(see that Stomper in the background? 641 alumnus & all kinds of proud that The Entity and Shorty Chef were still standing after the 610 Stomper Ball Crawl back in June)

Exhibit C
Imaginative Hat Stache
(The Entity takes the Most Imaginative Stache category at Pete's Annual Mustache Party by wearing a 20s style flapper Hat Stache. Boom.)

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saintseester said...

Preseason is like eating fake chocolate. It ain't worth the calories.