Saturday, February 06, 2010

Update #3 from the MIA

10:46 pm
Denim: "Signing off. If I stayed out longer, I'd have to sleep in my car."

11:00 pm
Porn: Sends picture of Emeril in his restaurant. "Emeril live in Miami cooking the Porn Chef's meal. Fried green tomatoes and grilled pompano. Not a single Colts fan in sight. Must all be at McDonald's for a classic Indy burger."

11:58 pm
Porn: "Midnight update: LL Cool J kickin' it at Emerils. Got great pic of Emeril and LL giving the love to each other."

1:55 am
Porn: Sends picture of man in bar with his shirt off. His back hair has been shaved into a fleur de lis. "Who Dat back hair taking over Miami. Are you serious?"

2:31 am
Porn: "Calling it a night. So far only word to describe experience is . . . SUPER."

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