Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Holy Super Bowl Follicles!

Cafe 641 announced the date of its second annual Superdome Dash for the 'Stache event this morning at a poorly attended press junket.

"It's Saturday, August 22 around 11 a.m.," Chef Who Dat said. "It's a search for magic hair for the face. And probably some booze. Or a lot of booze. Whatever. And it's a bike ride: from Mid City to the Riverbend, down St. Charles or Magazine. To the Sacredome. And ending at Handsome Willy's. With some stops along the way to visit Who Dat patrons. Any questions?"

Seeing no reporters at his end of the bar at the Beachcorner (not even the fastidious Alejandro de los Rios), Chef asked the following questions of himself:

* "What's the point, Chef?" "Good question," Chef Who Dat answered himself. "You could look it up."

* "Why a mustache, Chef?" "Hmmm," Chef Who Dat pondered. "A wise man once said that the flavor of greatness is best savored at close proximity."

The press conference ended when the bartender asked Chef to settle his tab.

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