Monday, November 26, 2007

Vinny Donates his Testaverdes to Culinary Science

When Carolina coach John Fox caved to pressure from the AARP yesterday and agreed to sit Vinny Testaverde and his aging, stiff back, Cafe 641 claimed a moral victory.

Technically, David Carr and Matt Moore were responsible for throwing three interceptions and serving up a giant sampler of suck in the 31-6 loss to the Saints. But, Chef would like to make it clear that homebound Who Dats are also deserving of a game ball.

Witness the "Vinny's Testes Three Ways Viewing Party" that Chef and the Entity hosted on Sunday. Vinny Boudin Balls. Vinny Raw on the Half Shell. And (pictured above) Chargrilled Vinny. And the Panthers question why Vinny wasn't ready to play?

Witness the culinary domination that is Chef PK, the exclusive creator of all dishes for Saints away games. PK revisited his Creamed Corn and Shrimp Flapjacks recipe from 2006 and the Flapjacks moved to 2-0 all-time with the Carolina victory. Anyone else remember a prime time Beat Down Soufflé that left the Big Tuna without a j-o-b? That was PK's kitchen work.

Witness the mojo that is a rare sighting of Tyrannosaurus Dex, a Cafe 641 offspring whose very presence wills Brees into the endzone. Mad props to his parentals, DJ Doberge and Big Chief Curly Head, who unknowingly committed to keeping little T-Dex outfitted in his Black & Gold for the remainder of the season. The Doberge's pecan and sweet potato pie should be renamed "Black and Gold Victory" and served at all remaining away games.

Hope Vinny's got Jeff Garcia on speed dial because the Cafe's looking for revenge this week:

Gimpy Garcia Grillades and Grits anyone?


Chick in the Huddle said...

cheese with my grits please! And I'll sop it all up with a Buttery Barber Biscuit!

Michelle said...

I know, I know, what southern gal doesn't like grits? That would be me. But I'll always take one for the team! Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Those ersters look awesome. And I will not rest until I have a recipe for the corn & shrimp flapjacks.