Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cafe Files Suit Against Vick

H-h-h-h-old on there, Wachovia Bank. Get in line, baby. Cafe 641 already slapped Ookie with a $10.78 lawsuit after one of its greatest Dirty Bird menus of all time was ruined by Vick's federal indictment. The excessive size of the lawsuit covers printing costs of 250 menus printed at Office Depot on Goldenrod paper.

Chef offered to settle the suit out of court if Vick's publicist would e-mail a few little known facts from the Falcons locker room that might fuel new menu items.

All Chef received was the following:

"Michael wears a number 7 on his jersey because he says it is his lucky number. . . . He glued his eyelids shut at the age of three. . . . Other than football, Michael’s favorite sport is fishing. Michael loves to fish. He first got into the sport when he was 10, casting his line into the waters of the James River."

And a link to Vick's Atlanta restaurant and wine shop.

Who Dats. Sunday's divisional game menu isn't going to write itself. Get your dirty birds out the freezer for that slow defrost. Menu suggestions should commence . . . right . . . now.


Anonymous said...

Open faced club leftwich?

Joey Harrington (Riding-the-)Pine Nut Pesto?

(Holly)wood-fired Prodigal Pizza?

Roddy White-Chocolate Souffle (it's even softer than Roddy is)?

Broiled Freshwater Brooking Trout?


Chef Who Dat said...

And so it begins with Iron Chef Grandmaster Wang. The Pine Nut Pesto has an inside track. Chef's unresolved love affair with eye black makes the Prodigal Pizza a tough call, however appropriate it might be for the Cafe.

saintseester said...

Old Man Morten's Shriveled Nuts.

Michelle said...

I'll bet it's Boone's Strawberry Hill in Vick's wine bar served round the clock.

Hmmm . . .

DeAngelo Hall's pouty pasta primavera

Anonymous said...

Joe's empty Horn of plenty.

Warrick "stick a fork in this roast, it's" Dunn, smoked over genuine Norwood coals.

Iron Chef Michiba's Seaweed Alge Crumpler in broth of vigor.

Wayne Gandy's special Czech-style "Vepřové koleno" or pork knee. Ligaments removed.

Grady Jackson's steaming cauldron of pork fat. With extra salt!

Morten's Danish Ham Hocks.

Chris "Don't call me Betty" Crocker's easy-bake bird wings.

Chef Who Dat said...

To clarify . . . Joey Rides the Pine. Morten's nuts are shriveled. Vick drinks cheap wine. Grady Jackson is still fat. And Joe Horn gets chill bumps when he thinks about re-uniting with the Chef.

Okay, Who Dats. Please continue. Just needed to catch up there.