Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shitshockey Mushrooms

When Mrs. Chef left the room just after the Manning-to-Burress-past-falling-Fred Thomas touchdown bomb on Sunday, Chef was baffled. Half-gasping, half-screaming, Chef beckoned the Mrs. back to the television to insure maximum Who Dat gris gris. Mrs. Chef replied, “Gotta cook. Gotta cook.”

Turns out, the Mrs. knows a thing or two about away game menus. About five minutes into the first quarter, she returned with a fresh baked pizza.

Chef muted the television for a proper explanation.

“This here is a Jeremy Shitshockey Mushroom Pizza. Enjoy, Chef.”

Now, Who Dats, the Mrs. does lots of things that turns the Chef on. But this stroke of culinary genius may take the cake. Shockey’s line: two catches, -4 yards.


1 comment:

saintseester said...

Sure beats leftover turkey!