Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saint Hogan Joins Jamaal Brown on Injury List

Cafe 641 reported that Saint Hogan will be unavailable to play on Sunday against the New York Discount Airliners. Hogan suffered a sports hernia during the off-season and was extremely limited in the Saints season opener against the Lions. At one point during that contest, Hogan discarded his lovely wife and two small children to find solace hunching over an upper terrace seat. But, his spirited sprinkler, performed late in the third quarter, helped spark the Cafe into a frenzy and provided much needed veteran leadership.

Cafe 641 also revealed that Saint Hogan will be joining his offspring, Lil' Joe Dirt, in Chicago this weekend where they are staging a pay-back display at Soldier Field during the Lions/Bears game:

"We'll pick up some scalped tickets, Cheeeeffff. And we'll sit there in the cheap seats for the entire game wearing Bears t-shirts. And then, when that leeetle bastard from Georgia throws a touchdown in the last minute and the Deeeetriot Lions beat the Bears, we'll stand up Cheeeeeffff. We'll stand up and rip off our t-shirts to reveal our Saints jerseys. And then, Cheeeffff. We're gonna turn around and look at all them Bears, and we'll let 'em have a little: Pay-back's a bitch, ain't it!"

The mid-week status of other Cafe 641 regulars:
Jake "The Mojo": Probable (broken spoon)
DJ Doberge and Big Chief Curly Head: Questionable (disrupted sleep patterns)

Details on Sunday's pre-game pub crawl to follow. Link

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Anonymous said...

I'll recover, possibly with a hard back seal of Cafe 641, i'm still tryin to pull that out