Monday, September 07, 2009

Cafe Signs New Waitress

Cafe 641 announced this morning that Ruby Slippers was signed and added to the practice kitchen. The signing had been expected since Ms. Slippers' birth, just three days after the Cafe's annual Dash for the 'Stache. Contract negotiations with her season-ticket-holding-handlers took longer than expected, but talks heated considerably after the appearance of the "Thick Pencil" (shown below cradling Ms. Slippers.) Ms. Ruby Slippers is expected to shore up the revolving door that is Section 641, Row 43, Seats 7-8.


t-dex said...

chef, ruby is coming around on the stache. she keeps demanding that she should visit the cafe first because she was actually born in orleans parish, and claims i'm a jeffersonian. got any good tips for altering a birth certificate? got to quell this jeffer movement.

Chef Who Dat said...

Spirit gum works on everything. What you want your birth certificate to say? 2006? 1967?