Sunday, August 23, 2009

"St. Archie. Pray for us."

Video footage from the 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache.
Vital stats from the 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache:
  • Stops: 8
  • 'Stache Dashers: 24
  • Safety patrol officers: 1
  • Liuzza's fishbowls: 20
  • Mustaches affixed to Superdome: 1
  • Mustaches affixed to Who Dats: 24
Spicy 'Stache

Who Dat Fortunes: "You're gonna have an affair w/ a Saintsation." or "You'll score five touchdowns."
The Original Cocktail Chef

Fleur-de-bikes least likely to get stolen

Home Sweet Dome

Final call: Finn McCool's

Least likely to spill a beer while biking

Tastes like Miami

We honor those 'staches that have come before us

Roll Call

Stache love

The keys to victory

Ladies and gentlemen . . . I give you . . .

. . . the original fleur-de-stache.

Riding the fleur-de-line

Pepto Bismol Stache

Best impersonation of a traffic cop: Fleur-de-Vespa

He's a bad mutha---- stache: Shut your mouth. I'm talkin' about Chef.

First to 'stache: Denim & Diamond


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Chef Who Dat perhaps needs to respond to this: