Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The United Nations of NFL Spectatorship

Against my better judgment and ignoring explicit warnings against viewing any New Orleans Saints game within three hours of the Death Star, I observed the bizarre behavior of wingless birds from the over-air-conditioned confines of Shreveport's Buffalo Wild Wings. (I was returning from a visit to family, had the Sous Chef in tow, and couldn't risk trolling Natchitoches for a big-screen tv.)

The following observations confirm that Buffalo Wild Wings is really just a cover for the NFL Shop:
  • # of tables with confirmed Who Dats: 5
  • # of tables with confirmed douche bags Iggles: 2
  • # of lap-top computers plugged into outlets to get up-to-the-minute fantasy updates: see "# of tables with confirmed douche bags"
  • Ugliest jersey observed: #89
  • Least likely jersey observed: Wranglers
  • # of Redskins fans: 2
  • # of times a Green Bay husband, wife, and 2-year-old ask waitress to change one of projection tv's to show Green Bay lose to Cincinnati: 5
  • # of times bar erupts with shouting after an Atlanta Falcons 1st down: 4
  • # of "Who Dat" chants: 1
Damn. My head's all muddled. 48 points. But every time I blink, all I see is a montage of . . .

Is something crazy about to happen?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Ha! Love the death star pic.

We watched the Saints game last November at Redneck Heaven in Dallas (Lewisville, I'm thinking). But that was pre-DeathStar. I'm sure there's some force field protecting the area by now.