Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dirtiest Dog?

Buy Terranova's sausage. It tastes better than Calvin's Johnson, a dirty-water dog that has sat boiling in 0-16 for the last nine months.

But what's this about 10-6? Carry the 6 and transpose the 0.
16-0. Ya feel me?


Anonymous said...

Due to the fact that I asked my quarter whether the Saints would win more than 10 games or not and it came up tails for no, and it is the same quarter that came up tails when a roomate asked if another roomate of mine was on his computer, which he ALWAYS is, it came up tails and we saw he was on the phone and not his computer, I'd have to say 10 is the max number.

Chef Who Dat said...

There's a simple fix, here Mojo. Get rid of the quarter.