Friday, September 11, 2009

Personal Foul. #9. Offense.

Get your yellow weighted flags ready.

The moment a certain blue & silvered slab of fresh meat crosses the hash marks with a #9 affixed to his jersey, there ought to be 69,000 penalty flags thrown.

False Start. Impersonation of a NFL quarterback. Illegal use of the #9. Encroachment.

Throw the whole damn book at Matty's Fresh Meat Pie.

Lioness voodoo doll courtesy of Carol who will arrive at the Sacredome aboard the Fleur-de-Vespa driven by HowieLuvzus who will join voodoo doll-makin' Carol in Cafe 641 courtesy of T-Dex's old man & old lady whose generosity was prompted by Ruby Slippers. Ya heard?

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