Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dash to Dismantle the NY Discount Airliners

Cafe 641's 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache, Aug. 22

Cafe 641 invites you on an epic, bi-pedaling pub crawl from Buddy D's gravesite to the Mid-City Bulldog to multiple pub stops to the Superdome, all in preparation for the public shaming of the New York Discount Airliners.

Pre-crawl-prayer: Buddy D's grave, Metairie Cemetery (10:30 a.m.)
Pub crawl start: Mid-City Bulldog, Canal Blvd. (11 a.m.)
Pub crawl middle: at the whim of the "Hold that Line Cook" (Mid-City Yacht Club? Mick's? Finn McCool's? Handsome Willy's?)
Pub crawl end: Louisiana Sacredome (sometime before 3 p.m.)

1 comment:

Peter Falconer said...

Wish I could come but I'm having back surgery on Monday. A Saints win on Sunday against the Jets will send me under the anaesthetic in high spirits.

Have a great time and keep up the great blogs.