Monday, August 02, 2010

Blister in the Sun

Just left training camp where the temperature registered a bearable 93 degrees (if bearable is defined by a Red Stripe and two Budweisers.)

While there was little to no action on our field (except for a youthful looking Jim Henderson in designer flip flops and Thomas Morstead launching a 10-yard punt that may have traveled 5,128 feet into the atmosphere), the following is noteworthy:

  • Michelle from Saints Rants ranted about Clint Ingram borrowing #55. (Nice to finally meet you, Michelle. You're less angry in person.)
  • Lance Moore and Darren Sharper both respond well when offered post-practice beer.
  • Dirty Denim & Diamonds made an appearance at practice to announce his new off-season training regimen. It's dirty. And beer is involved.
  • Had a heat-related stroke of menu inspiration: A.P. Fumbalaya (Yo Adrian! Hold on to your balls!)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hey, you're gonna ruin my rep. :)
Great meeting you, too! I could watch Morstead kick those all day.