Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Reading from the Book of Brees

The Brees-mark appears early (chapter 1, verse 1) and is a candidate for leading character 100-pages into Breesus' memoir. That should be no surprise, since it's been getting mad love since its Boilermaker days.

But a phone call to Nick Satan (chapter 7, verse 107) should receive equal attention:
"You know what, Coach Saban, thank you very much for your time. I appreciate your interest. I appreciate the visit and the invitation to come down there. I'm going to New Orleans." Click.
Thanks to Michael Homan, who gifted me the book under the condition that it would serve as a holy text, highlighted, tagged, and used for responsorial readings during 2010 roofbanging rituals. For example,
Who Dats. We invite you to open the Book of Brees, turn to chapter 8, verse 110, and read the parable of "The Comeback":

"There was hope. And there was life. And no matter how desolate things might appear, if you go deeper, you can feel a strong heartbeat."
Or ...
Let us read the 61st Psalm from chapter 5 of the Book of Brees: "Creating the Edge." "Strengthen thy core. Make it the focal point for your body's operations. It all starts there. The roofbanging position is all about balance: keeping steady in the stands; being able to slide, move, and then still being able to deliver the noise accurately and with velocity."

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