Monday, August 09, 2010

Giant Mushroom in the Sky

Patron Saint of the Sacredome
Judi Bottoni, AP)
David F. Dixon, the driving force behind the concept and construction of the Louisiana Superdome and the father of professional football in New Orleans, died this morning, his son David Frank Dixon Jr. said. (Marty Mule, T-P)
Peter Finney offers these eulogistic thoughts on what might not have been without Dave Dixon "passing our way:"
  • "Would there be such a football team as the New Orleans Saints?"
  • "Would that giant mushroom be sitting today on Poydras Street?"
To those, I add:
  • Would there be a roof to bang? A wall to dirty?
Finney recalls a Galatoire's dinner he attended with Buddy D., Vince Lombardi, and Dixon, where Dixon gets to preaching on the virtues of New Orleans professional football:
When Dave finished, the Green Bay coach laughed out loud. He pounded the table with his fist. "Mr. Dixon, I'm ready to suit up and go out there and play. Dammit, after hearing this pep talk, I think you missed your calling. You shoulda been a football coach.''
And the ringing endorsement of Louisiana Governor John McKeithen, whose prescient appraisal of the Sacredome sounded like this:
Dave, that's the greatest building in the history of the world. And, by God, we're going to build it.
Mr. Clio and Jeffrey pay their respects.

A funeral mass will be said Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. at Holy Name of Jesus.

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