Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sidney D. Torres Training Camp Contract

Dump Off
(Photo: Bill Haber, Associated Press)

Still steamed over Landrieu's re-bidding of the French Quarter trash collection contract, Sidney D.T. took his steaming pile to Airline Drive on Friday. Torres took his pristine mobile defecation units to Saints practice for an audition in the team's quick hands drill, which was described thus-ly in Saturday's T-P:
Saints tight ends have a unique drill to work on reaction time. The player stands in a portable toilet with the door closed, and after the pass is thrown, a coach opens the door at the last second to provide a chance to catch the ball. Starting tight end Jeremy Shockey demonstrates the technique Friday at Saints camp in Metairie.
Yeah, that happened. Or Shock cut the line for the quarterbacks' port-a-let and Drew was teaching him a lesson. In either case, get ready for the media onslaught: a Google search of "portable toilet Shockey" yields 2,140 results, including a Minneapolis Star-Tribune caption contest and a DeadSpin write-up.

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