Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-P Columnist: "Favre on the Ground!"

Seems like the indomitable spirit of the Roofbanger has rubbed off a bit on some of the media types whose new Sacredome press box now occupies those 1200 seats removed during the off-season. That's a good thing because the Cajun Cannon can't be the only one banging press box roofs.

Kudos to T-P columnist Jeff Duncan for his journalistic "pants on the ground" shots at Brett Favre:

But unless you're wearing purple-colored glasses, the only remotely cheap shot I could see would be McCray's late hit at the end of the reverse handoff. In fact, there were a couple of times Saints defenders had chances to waylay Favre in the pocket, only to pull up or slide by him at the last instant. . . .

The pass was so bad there were only two rational conclusions to be rendered from it: Farve gambled because he either (a.) physically couldn't run; or (b.) cowardly wouldn't. Either way, the Saints defense had successfully delivered its message. . . .

There might be "Favre rules" in Eden Prairie, Minn., but they don't apply in New Orleans.

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