Thursday, October 11, 2007

Saints Re-sign Mare!

Grrrrrr-eat news, Who Dats! Mare fixed his groin.

So, he's not gonna miss any more field goals, indoors or outdoors, so long as he's not asked to kick from 60+. And he understands that P-Diddy was just trying to cover his ass with all those fake field goal auditions yesterday.

So everyone's happy now. No worries. Mare has promised to get more elevation on 20-yard field goals and extra points, and as an added free bonus, he'll narrow his focus to the area just between instead of just outside the uprights.

Chef has also learned that Mare's landing strip helps explain his accuracy.

Don't know about you, but Chef's feeling much better now.

Hey! Sous Chef! Getcha ass in here and bring Chef another beer!


JWD said...

Is the down to Earth news about Mare's groin just as good as Chef news?

Michelle said...


Hmm . . . I didn't hear anything about groin issues in preseason.

saintseester said...

Wonder Fleur needs to know if you can cook up some potion that simulates a coma until February.

Chef Who Dat said...

Affirmative. But this would be an even exchange yes? Coma-inducing potion for 1-days use of truth rope?

saintseester said...

I believe that can be arranged. And, she'll even deflect some bullets for you if you can whip up a batch of "Run the hell Forward" for Reggie.