Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jake Delhomme's Wounded Wings (and other Cafe delicacies)

So Nola Chick suggests a Panther Pate' and a Fred Thomas Toast for Sunday's return to glory. As always, the Cafe 641 menu is heavily guarded until gameday, but Chef is working on a one-week licensing agreement with Smith and Wollensky.

The secret ingredient this weekend?


Menu suggestions that successfully combine catnip into a culinary dismantling of Julius Peppers, DeShaun Foster, or DeAngelo Williams receive preference.

Take notice. Jake Delhomme is already dismantled. But wings are wings.


GW said...

Can't go wrong with DeShaun Foster Fumblaya (2 fumbles last week.)

Catnip-spiked Orange Julius? Garnished with extra-mild (0 sacks in 2007) Banana Peppers?

I'm no good at this. *hides behind something large*

Chef Who Dat said...

Master Wang. Your culinary modesty aside, this fumbalaya dish is spot on. Last year, the Cafe went with a Stuffed Pepper, but it didn't ring true with the diners. The extra-mild banana pepper has gameday potential.

mark c. said...

Screw the over marketed chipotle pepper (smoked jalapeno), we’re using catnip smoked julius peppers in our Carolina bbq. Traditional pork is replaced with John Fox and given a Cajun/French twist:

“Jean Renard de lait” or “Jean Renard Roti”
Slathered with a Carolina vinegar based catnip smoked Julius pepper bbq sauce

Probably a better way to state that, but that's all i've got so far.

trying to work something with Quinton Teal, like Teal a l'orange julius (orange julius stolen from above).

Chef Who Dat said...

Cafe 641, Mark C. has entered the building. We're going to need strength in numbers this Sunday, Mark. Chef strongly believes that Dexter wants you and K. at this game. Look deep into his eyes, Mark. See that sparkle. That's Dexterity telling you to move thy ass to the Cafe.

Michelle said...

For dessert . . . catnip Foster, prepared table side.

Mr. Clio said...

Stuffed Julius Peppers?

Is that too obvious? Did you already say that somewhere?

Pierre Thomas Chocolate Souffle for dessert? Because he's gonna be the sweetness in our season this year. Just watch.

Chef Who Dat said...

Excellent memory, Dilly. The Stuffed Peppers appeared on menu in '06, and peppers are strong favorite to return in smoked form on Sunday. Pierre Thomas Choc. Souffle has been added to the practice squad, with strong chance of being activated in a few weeks. You'll be notified by Cafe representatives when the roster spot is finalized.

mark c. said...

chef, i looked deep into dexter's eyes, they sparkled, he smiled, then he peed and shat on me. it might not be in the cards this game, but dexter says the falcon game might be workable. he's a fan of warrick dunn's charity work, and his $5000 challenge.