Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty.

It may feel like All Hallows Eve, but Chef sees it as just another reason to dress up a dead cat. 12-4 won't happen without a couple of Big Cat Barbeques, most notably the Jaguars and Panthers. Who Dats eat bird like its candy, but at some point this season, we need to digest felines too.

A family friend of Jeff Faine is the only sure menu item thus far for Sunday's Cafe 641 brunch:
Jeff's Fainemous Center Cut of Prime Cat

Could it be that the test kitchen just hasn't found the perfect cat recipe?


GW said...

Todd Bou-tie pasta with Quinn Grayvy (and that was juuuuust a little disturbing... sorry.)

Carney asada topped with garlic naioli.

Jamaal Fudge just kinda writes itself, eh? -->

Grady Jackson's "Six of Everything" Platter

Corned beef pashos and eggs?

Scobee snacks?

saintseester said...

Jaguar Jerky, baby!

And scobee snacks - ha ha ha, that's good.

mark c. said...

Hi Chef,

Here's a sorry attempt. I'm still off my game a bit.

Spicer vs Spicer:
Guest Chef Susan Spicer pounds a filet of Paul Spicer thin, served panneed with a Toefield mushroom cream sauce.

Jamaal Fudge Doberge Cake. Jamaal Fudge beaten soft into a butter cream, and spread thin over every layer of this 9 layer cake.

Chef Who Dat said...

Ladies and Gents,

mark c. is apparently alive, despite his tease to attend the Falcons game. Perhaps the Cafe would get better response from Dexter's dad if we threw in childcare stipends?

The Fudge Doberge is strong. Would be stronger if you and K. appear in person to see it on a menu.

The Cafe beckons.

mark c. said...

chef, we have childcare covered on sunday. lil dex needs to spend more time with his grandparents, so we will be there...

Chick in the Huddle said...

Maurice Jones-Stew?
Brian Iwuh Potatoes?
Big Mc-Cray (Hold the Special Sauce)
Quesadillas Del Rio?

JWD said...

You're stealin' all my comments CHEF!